Author spotlight: Rachael Quisel

Rachael Quisel is a freelance writer who specializes in health and fitness. Their short story, “Departure,” was nominated for the 2022 Pushcart Prize.

Exploring the Afterlife: A Journey of the Soul With Rabbi Chaim Loschak
By Rachael Quisel   |   August 22, 2023

This summer, Chabad of Montecito will offer a course designed to demystify the concept of life after death. The course, titled “Journey of the Soul,” was developed by Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) and will be taught by Rabbi Chaim Loschak. The six-session series began on Tuesday, August 15, at 7 pm, inviting attendees to […]

Eva Rhodes
By Rachael Quisel   |   August 22, 2023

Local resident Eva Rhodes finds the area’s blend of international perspectives and appreciation for natural beauty to be truly unique. With a background that spans across various cultures and cities across the globe, she has a deep affinity for multicultural environments. “Montecito and Santa Barbara have a high density of international people who have a […]

CEC Unveils Its New State-of-the-Art Space for Community Collaboration
By Rachael Quisel   |   July 18, 2023

On July 6th, the Community Environmental Council (CEC) celebrated the grand opening of its highly anticipated Environmental Hub. Located at 1219 State Street, this 10,000-square-foot space is set to revolutionize the way Santa Barbara approaches environmental initiatives, fostering collaboration, innovation, and community engagement. With its roots tracing back to the devastating 1969 oil spill, the […]

Village Vibe: Dr. Charlotte A. Gullap-Moore, DNP, MSN, APRN, ANP-BC, RN
By Rachael Quisel   |   July 4, 2023

Dr. Charlotte A. Gullap-Moore, a local healthcare professional and professor with extensive credentials, finds Montecito’s green environment and simplicity more impactful than its poshness. Coming from North Philly, she emphasizes the need to empower future generations and advocate against injustices faced by Black people. “It’s not the poshness of Montecito that blows my mind, it’s […]

Village Vibe: Diane Warren Stewart & Monica Epstein
By Rachael Quisel   |   June 27, 2023

Meet Diane Warren Stewart, the owner of Stewart Fine Art, located in the Upper Village of Montecito. With her exceptional collection of fine art, she has cultivated a devoted following. “I think I offer a unique collection of fine art. I’ve been in the business for over forty years and so I have people that […]

Local Author Jana Zimmer Sheds Light on Her Four-Decade Journey
By Rachael Quisel   |   June 27, 2023

Jana Zimmer, an attorney and mixed media artist, has recently released Chocolates from Tangier: A Memoir of Art and Transformation by a Holocaust Replacement Child. In it, Zimmer knits together a narrative from her journals, poems, artwork, and the experiences of her parents — both Holocaust survivors. Her artwork, displayed throughout the memoir, engages in […]

Village Vibe: Meet the Neighbors
By Rachael Quisel   |   June 20, 2023

One of the cornerstones of community is knowing your neighbor. Though Montecito enjoys a global reputation, for those of us who live here, one of the best things about this place is the small village vibe. In an increasingly impersonal world, we appreciate knowing our pharmacist, our grocery clerks, our local store owners. It’s comforting […]

African Women Rising: Speaking with Founder Linda Eckerbom Cole
By Rachael Quisel   |   April 11, 2023

In a remote corner of Northern Uganda, African Women Rising has been making waves as a force for change, led by its founder, Linda Eckerbom Cole. With an approach focused on listening, engaging local leaders, and being responsive to the unique needs of each community, the organization has worked with 25,000 people and touched the […]

ShelterBox Hosts Panel of Women Leaders
By Rachael Quisel   |   March 21, 2023

On March 8, ShelterBox USA hosted an event at UC Investments property on Ortega Hill in Summerland with more than 80 attendees to celebrate International Women’s Day and recognize the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The international nonprofit organization, which provides emergency shelter and essential tools and supplies to vulnerable people affected […]

Santa Barbara Rock Gym Partners with Climb Out to Offer Discounted Queer Climb Nights
By Rachael Quisel   |   March 7, 2023

On a blustery January Saturday, I attended the first-ever Queer Climb Night in Santa Barbara, hosted by Climb Out, a newly formed group dedicated to creating community for self-identified LGBTQ+ individuals.  As much as I enjoy the sport as an on-again, off-again pastime, I often feel intimidated when walking into climbing gyms. The walls, which […]

Spreading Love, Support, and Education
By Rachael Quisel   |   March 7, 2023

“I barely got into the hospital in time,” said former County of Santa Barbara Supervisor Janet Wolf about the heart attack she suffered in 2004, at the age of 50. She, like many women, didn’t recognize the warning signs. If she had known what to look for, she might have gotten help before damage was […]

Igniting STEAM Learning for All Through Interactive Experiences
By Rachael Quisel   |   February 14, 2023

MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, was first incorporated in the 1990s as the Children’s Museum of Santa Barbara. It was the brainchild of many dedicated community leaders with Jill Levinson, Alixe Mattingly, and Nancy Sheldon spearheading the campaign to construct the sandcastle-shaped building. Groundbreaking didn’t occur until 2015 and its iconic, arched […]

Mark Okrusko: The Local Surfer Giving People of All Abilities a Floating Hope
By Rachael Quisel   |   November 22, 2022

In 2010, Mark Okrusko, founder of Airtime Watertime, was surfing at Rincon Beach when he was caught in a rip current. He struggled to swim toward the surface, but his efforts amounted to nothing. Rip currents, “powerful, narrow channels of fast-moving water,” catch tens of thousands of people in the United States every year. According […]

Local People: Cristy Candler
By Rachael Quisel   |   September 20, 2022

“My soul was broken and my back was broken; it was time to go,” said Montecito native Cristy Candler. She recently launched her wellness business OF SOUND BODY, where she helps her clients heal using the same somatic and energetic practices that worked for her. Prior to being an entrepreneur, Candler had a long career […]

The Secret to Making Long Hikes Feel Better
By Rachael Quisel   |   July 26, 2022

How would you describe the Santa Barbara Nine Trails Endurance Run? Challenging, grueling, fun? In early 2020, a few Montecito locals – retirees, moms, and full-time professionals – found their joy in this mega-trail. The small group, comprised of about five women, met through the Montecito Trails Foundation (MTF). They banded together and set out […]

Local People: Addi Zerrenner
By Rachael Quisel   |   May 31, 2022

If health is wealth, why isn’t everyone rushing to work out? Or making time every day to meditate? Addi Zerrenner, Personal Trainer at Physical Focus and Olympic qualifier, addresses common barriers to getting healthy and talks through techniques you can use to boost your physical and mental wealth.  Q. When it comes to getting fit, […]