MJ Magazine

Past Issues:

  • The MJ Mag: Vol. 15_4

    Gene Montesano: Montecito's Medici

  • The Riv: Vol 15. Issue 3

    Alphabet Allays Fears Google is Building God in Goleta

  • The MJ Mag: Vol. 15_2

    Polo, Because Yolo

  • The Riv: Vol 15. Issue 1

    Bruce Heavin's Montecito Moonshot

  • The MJ Mag: Vol.14_2

    The Man in the Miramar – Rick Caruso is a successful businessman known for his luxury developments in Los Angeles and, now, Montecito. On the fl ip side is a philanthropic man who puts his family first.

  • The MJ Mag: Vol. 14_1

    Part-time Montecito resident Tipper Gore has lived a full life behind the lens – as a photojournalist, former Second Lady, activist, musician, world traveler, and nature lover.

  • The MJ Mag: Vol. 13_1

    Alan Kozlowski & Pete Muller