Tin Rocking Horse
By Elizabeth Stewart   |   April 9, 2024

RH sends me a tin children’s ride-on rocking horse that has been living in his garage for years; he THINKS it belonged to his mom but he is not sure. I believe this horse was his mother’s mom’s or her dad’s, as I think this toy dates from the late 19th early 20th c.  These […]

Art Nouveau Lamp
By Elizabeth Stewart   |   April 2, 2024

JJ has a wonderful goose-neck floor lamp, found at the Earl Warren flea market. The base is a naturalistic bronze – a round figure of a lily pad featuring a little crawfish with tiny minnows. The base is stamped R B and Co., with what appears to be two sets of numbers which likely indicate […]


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Chinoiserie Coffee Table
By Elizabeth Stewart   |   March 26, 2024

RH has a Chinese style coffee table with a startling scene of ancient Chinese Court life, composed of applied carved semi-precious stone figures. Two of the six figures are battling: there’s a man wielding a bamboo stick and another kneeling, the other figures look on from an elegant pagoda. RH has always wondered about this […]

By Melissa Petitto   |   March 26, 2024

To me there are a few vegetables that I will wait all year for, and some of them happen to be arriving in the market right now! Walking through the market this week I spotted artichokes at Mendoza Family Farms. Artichokes are by far my favorite and have been since I was a little girl. […]

CBD: What is it and why its use is skyrocketing in the wellness community?
By Deann Zampelli   |   March 26, 2024

Cannabidiol. CBD. Don’t get too excited. This is the non-psychotropic part of either the marijuana or the hemp plant. According to the CDC, “Hemp is defined as any part of the cannabis sativa plant with no more than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).” Which is otherwise known as the “stoney part.” However, use caution when buying […]

Women’s History Month 2024: Erika Endrijonas
By Joanne A Calitri   |   March 26, 2024

This week I interviewed Erika Endrijonas, Superintendent and President of Santa Barbara City College. A feminist and a women’s historian, she holds a B.A. in History from Cal State Northridge, and a M.A. and PhD in History from USC. Prior to her position at SBCC, her career included Dean and Professor, Union Institute & University, […]

Women’s History Month 2024: Fashion Designer Catherine Gee
By Joanne A Calitri   |   March 26, 2024

When I read Editor-In-Chief Edward Kobina Enninful OBE’s final issue of British Vogue, which he dedicated to 40 women, I realized that it is fitting fashion designer Catherine Gee be featured in my Women’s History Month issue.  From 2016 – with her hand-painted designs for the prints on her signature silk line of women’s clothes […]

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  • Women’s History Month 2024: Trailblazer Christine Garvey
    By Joanne A Calitri   |   March 26, 2024

    My column’s Women’s History Month is proud to present Montecito trailblazer Christine Garvey. As a women’s leader in banking and real estate law, Garvey was one of seven women attending Suffolk University Law School in Boston in the late 1960s. That translates to approximately 1.5% of the law students at the time. She was one […]

    Spring Clearing: Time to Declutter and Lighten Your Load.
    By Ann Brode   |   March 19, 2024

    Growing up in cold climates, I used to sort my winter and summer clothes twice a year. Here in California I just move things around in the closet. Unfortunately, when I simply shift stuff around, I don’t need to think about how my wardrobe functions. Clothes and shoes simply get shuffled, stored, and never really […]


    Dawson Fuss
    By Stella Haffner   |   March 19, 2024

    Dear Montecito! I miss you! I can’t wait to be home for Spring Break next week! I’m getting ready to finish my second year at the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, and a lot has happened since the last time we spoke about my single “Oblivious,” which at the time was […]

    Ceramic Umbrella Stand
    By Elizabeth Stewart   |   March 12, 2024

    Years ago, RR inherited a tall pottery umbrella stand which was shattered in a recent wildfire; she had discovered two shards that, when put together like pieces of a puzzle, read RN 288102 and RN 284106. A trace of a word is above these marks, “Melbou-” possibly for Melbourne, more than likely the pattern name. […]

    Southern California Museums’ 19th Annual Free-for-All Day Event
    By Joanne A Calitri   |   March 12, 2024

    The SoCal Museums organization is holding its 19th Annual Museums Free All Day event on Saturday, March 23.  This free ticket covers all ages for general admission at over 30 museums from Santa Barbara County through Los Angeles County. The museums participating cover the arts, cultural heritage, natural history, and science. And the free day […]

    Mikuna: The Rise of a Pioneering Protein Powder
    By Amélie Dieux   |   March 12, 2024

    Chocho is the new name that will soon be on everyone’s lips – and in their morning smoothie. Chocho is the mysterious word behind the company Mikuna, and a product whose properties and benefits will amaze you.   In 2017, Founder and CEO of Mikuna (which means “to nourish your body through food” in Kichwa […]

    Medical Self-Advocacy: Why it Is More Important Than Ever
    By Deann Zampelli   |   March 12, 2024

    A few months ago, I had a diagnostic test for some G.I. issues. Just to clarify, that was not referencing a broken romance with a soldier on leave, but gastrointestinal issues. A little less sexy.  I was introduced to my doctor about ten minutes before the procedure. As I always have a million questions, I […]