McIver. Grant McIver. How a Lifelong Devotee Became Part of the James Bond Canon
By Jeff Wing   |   November 22, 2021

“So, I wait in line, get up to the front, tell them my story. Then, you know — ‘I’m an American.’ ‘Oh — you’re an American? Well, this only pays 750 crowns a day.’ And I’m like, ‘Dude. I’ll pay you!’” Grant McIver cuts quite the figure — as they used to say when everyone […]

Montecito Firefighters’ Charitable Foundation: Providing Needed Financial Support
By Steven Libowitz   |   November 25, 2021

Montecito Firefighter Lucas Grant is too young to have personal memories of what it was like when local firefighters were an integral part of a community beyond responding to emergencies, but that Norman Rockwell image of the local firehouse as a friendly and helpful gathering place still pulls on his heart. “I hear stories about […]


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