Eva Rhodes

By Rachael Quisel   |   August 22, 2023

Local resident Eva Rhodes finds the area’s blend of international perspectives and appreciation for natural beauty to be truly unique. With a background that spans across various cultures and cities across the globe, she has a deep affinity for multicultural environments.

“Montecito and Santa Barbara have a high density of international people who have a cosmopolitan viewpoint and a real appreciation for natural beauty. I feel like that combination nestled in a cozy, down-to-earth community is really unique, and one that fits my experiences and my priorities. I’ve always been an outdoor person – my mother is Austrian – we’d spend summers in the mountains. Living in different cultures has always been something important to me. I’ve lived in Los Angeles, Vienna, New York, Paris, and London, because I really love that multicultural element. Given the size of the Montecito community, there’s a really high amount of experienced, worldly people and a high level of opportunities to experience culture and arts here.”  


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