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Special News Edition: Laura B. Whitmore and Annual NAMM Report
By Joanne Calitri   |   June 28, 2022

Launching the Women’s International Music Network (WiMN) 12 years ago to create a support system for women in the Music Industry (MI), and the She Rocks Awards in 2012, Laura B. Whitmore believes we have a lot more to do to level the playing field. “We are making progress by asking the difficult questions and […]

Annual January NAMM Roundup: Virtual Mode 2022
By Joanne Calitri   |   February 1, 2022

One can hear it in the streets from Atlanta to L.A.: We miss NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants’ annual event held every January in Anaheim.  Fret not guitar freaks, Lugwig lovers, jamming DJs, audiophiles, technos, and recording rascals, for Shure due to an abundance of caution,the NAMM show moved to June 2022, with […]

Arts in Lockdown #20: The NAMM Show and She Rocks Awards 2021
By Joanne Calitri   |   February 25, 2021

NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) held its annual Los Angeles trade show online this year January 18 through 22, along with the annual She Rocks Awards. The NAMM Foundation’s Believe in Music bravely took to the virtual platform to bring all its usual content to its members across all time zones, using the Swapcard […]

The NAMM Show
By Joanne Calitri   |   February 20, 2020

The 2020 NAMM, National Association of Music Merchants, show at the Anaheim Convention Center January 16-19 welcomed over 2,000 exhibiting member companies, 7,000 brands, and 115,888 attendees internationally to exhibits, demos, and over 350 classes for kids through professional. Notable locals at NAMM 2020: In his large booth filled with celebrity users of his gear […]

The 118th Annual NAMM Show
By Joanne Calitri   |   February 28, 2019

The 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California (Jan 24-27), where the global leaders of music instruments, production, pro audio, and event technology industries gather to showcase their latest. This year had 115,301 registered industry professionals, 2,000 exhibiting member companies representing 7,000 brands, all housed in the Anaheim Convention Center’s triplex and its sister hotels, the […]

117th Annual NAMM Show
By Joanne Calitri   |   February 8, 2018

The NAMM Show (National Association of Music Merchants) jammed Anaheim January 24-28 with 7,000 music brands, 2,000 exhibiting companies, and 116,000 international attendees cruising the 3-story convention center, its new North building, and outdoor Grand Plaza concert stage. The NAMM University Education Center held 500 seminars at the Anaheim Hilton. The major coup this year […]