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A Lesson From the Eighth Continent?
By Robert Bernstein   |   October 18, 2022

Over 20 years ago I attended a talk on Madagascar at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. It was one long rant about how the ecosystems of Madagascar had been almost totally destroyed. How there were no indigenous organizations for outside conservation groups to work with. And how the Pope had gone there to […]

On The Road Again
By James Buckley   |   August 5, 2021

I’m in Paris. And I arrived as soon as I could.  Yes, masks are required everywhere at the airport, but once inside the lounge and sitting at one’s own table, off comes the mask and in goes the American-style breakfast, excellent espresso coffee, and a glass of champagne to celebrate the start of a long […]

Living on a Postcard
By Ashleigh Brilliant   |   April 23, 2020

My home, since 1973, has been almost literally a stone’s throw from an area so celebrated for its beauty that calling it “picturesque” would be an understatement. In one sweeping panorama, you have the ocean, the mountains, a lovely rose garden, tall gracious trees, and a broad green sward leading up to the cloistered front […]

Santa Barbara Tourism Update
By Nick Schou   |   April 9, 2020

In the past few weeks, hundreds of Montecito and Santa Barbara residents have been laid off or furloughed in the wake of the social distancing and shelter at home mandates issued in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. To get a sense of how this has already affected Santa Barbara’s tourism and hospitality industries, we […]

Visiting Paradise
By Richard Mineards   |   May 23, 2019

It was our Eden by the Beach in Cinemascope when Visit Santa Barbara hosted its annual general meeting and tourism celebration Transformative Journeys in the ballroom of the Rosewood Miramar with 300 guests seeing a colorful visual presentation on a gigantic 8′ by 32′ LED wall. “We’re back!” declared Kathy Janega-Dykes, CEO, saying our tony […]

All the World’s a Cage
By Richard Mineards   |   May 17, 2018

The party animals were out in force when Visit Santa Barbara held its annual general meeting and tourist celebration to recognize the local travel industry at Santa Barbara Zoo. The very in-tents occasion, with more than 200 guests, coincided with National Travel and Tourism Week, as well as California Tourist Month. Kathy Janega-Dykes, president, said […]