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Read ‘em and Keep
By Steven Libowitz   |   September 19, 2023

If your relationship to books runs more to reading than writing or discussing, it’s time to rejoice as Planned Parenthood’s massive annual book sale gets underway as this issue hits newsstands. Paying no attention to Kindle and its kind, the book sale forges on for a 49th year, once again at the spacious Exhibit Hall […]

Planned Parenthood California Central Coast
By Steven Libowitz   |   March 7, 2023

Planned Parenthood California Central Coast (PPCCC) is one of scores of affiliates across the country that share a vision of a future where everyone has an equitable opportunity to experience health and wellness – including high-quality sexual and reproductive health care provided with respect and without judgment.  Founded in 1964, PPCCC might be best known […]

Is There an Opportunity for a Compromise on Abortion?
By Bob Hazard   |   May 31, 2022

An illegally leaked draft opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito suggests that a court majority could invalidate Roe v. Wade. Impassioned women (and men) have hit the streets with protest signs that read: My Body, My Choice; Keep Abortion Safe and Legal, Abortion on Demand Without Apology; Banning Abortions is Racist; Protect Women, […]

Rally for Women’s Rights
By Montecito Journal   |   May 24, 2022

Planned Parenthood’s Bans Off Our Bodies rally was held in De La Guerra Plaza on Saturday, May 14, in response to the recently leaked draft of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision. Illustrator Karen Folsom and her family were in attendance and she had this to say: “I am a passionate believer in women’s […]

Planned Parenthood Birds and Bees Bash
By Lynda Millner   |   May 10, 2022

The Rotunda at the Hilton Beachfront Resort was rocking when Planned Parenthood held its Birds and Bees Bash beginning with cocktails on the third level. The blowing wind led to some interesting photos. Then down to ground level for a sumptuous dinner at the tables. The three co-chairs who organized this fête were Mary Blair, […]

Timing is Indeed Everything
By Gwyn Lurie   |   September 21, 2021

Scheduling is never easy where busy people are concerned. It’s less easy when you throw stubborn or otherwise motivated people into the mix. We’ve covered this with the county’s scheduling of an important meeting on Yom Kippur regarding a permit for a cannabis dispensary on Santa Claus Lane. A meeting which has since been rescheduled […]

Mad about Texas? Vote NO in the Recall
By Jenna Tosh   |   September 14, 2021

Elections matter. The Supreme Court matters. There is no more heartbreaking evidence of these truths than Texas, where, this week, abortion is effectively banned for the first time since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. The Texas legislature’s SB-8 went into effect in the state at midnight on September 1, after the Fifth Circuit […]

Music Notes
By Steven Libowitz   |   October 1, 2020

Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda – the Oregon-based mantra music mavens who have performed their popular blend of kirtan, healing mantra music, original compositions in English and Sanskrit, and Kirtronica (a fusion of kirtan and electronica) at several venues in Santa Barbara – have a much-anticipated new album ready for release. But due to pandemic restrictions […]

Birds and Bees Bash
By Lynda Millner   |   April 18, 2019

Planned Parenthood California Central Coast (PPCCC) held their Birds and Bees Bash at the Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort with over 435 attendees. They hoped to raise $75,000. The three co-chairs: Cynthia Abulafia, Kristen Klingbeil–Weis, and Wendy Wheeler Smith and their committee worked to make that happen. Geoff Green added his humor to the evening […]

Birds and Bees Bash
By Lynda Millner   |   April 26, 2018

Planned Parenthood (PP) held their annual fundraising soirée at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara with the theme “Birds and Bees Bash” and a full house of 525 guests. Co-chairs Cynthia Abulafia, Amy Baird and Wendy Smith had the ballroom shimmering in purple and silver, florals and lighting for Planned Parenthood’s 101st anniversary. After cocktails and a huge […]

He Nailed It
By Montecito Journal   |   January 11, 2018

Peter Walker Hunt‘s letter (“Put the Fires Out!” MJ #23/51) brings out the stunning reality of what our communities have just gone through. Current federal policy on wildfire management is choking us in the smoke of burned tax dollars. The devastation and death of wildlife is a by-product of the “goal line” set within a […]