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A Oui Focus on Film
By Steven Libowitz   |   July 18, 2023

Also making its post-pandemic return is SBIFF’s French Wave Film Festival, which takes over SBIFF’s Riviera Theatre July 14-20 to feature 11 new examples of contemporary French cinema – nearly all winners or nominees for César Awards (the French Oscars) or selections at Cannes. Details, screening times, and passes at https://sbiffriviera.com/wave.  

Senior Earns Praise from French University
By Scott Craig   |   July 19, 2022

Westmont senior Chloe White earned the Etienne Gros Prize for Academic Excellence in Literature this summer after graduating from the French Honors program at the Institute for American Universities (IAU) in Southern France. “Since your arrival, we have all been very moved, very touched by your work — always thoughtful, always documented — and by […]

Coming Soon: Mineards on Ice
By Richard Mineards   |   April 5, 2022

Our rarefied enclave was the focus of millions of French eyes last week when its biggest network, TF1, aired a 15-minute segment on our tony town with yours truly, Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow, and Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe. A two-person crew for the show, 50 Minutes Inside, flew in from Paris and Miami when […]

Letters to the Editor
By Montecito Journal   |   November 26, 2020

Bear Necessities Carlos here! Since I have good Wi-Fi here in my den, I was able to watch the Town Hall meeting a few weeks ago about me. I was grateful for a large attendance of twenty-something people who logged in to learn, listen, and let their thoughts be known about my presence. Fish and […]

The French Have it Right
By James Buckley   |   November 19, 2020

My wife was born in France, came to the U.S. in the early 1960s with her family, and remained strictly a French citizen with a green card until the mid-1980s, when U.S. law requiring that U.S. citizens have only one loyalty was altered to allow for dual citizenship. She is now a proud nationalized U.S. […]

A Night in Paris
By Tim Buckley   |   February 20, 2020

I don’t speak French but neither did anyone else at the “A Night in Paris” benefit for Montessori Center School (MCS) at Rosewood Miramar Hotel. Ball gowns and tuxes were de rigueur as guests sipped mimosas and wine. The ballroom doors opened to a stunning sight of white with white feathers in very tall vases […]

Chooket up and Bake Your Bon Bons
By Jon Vreeland   |   October 11, 2018

French culture consistently impresses American culture with art, poetry, literature, theatre, fashion, and architecture; but the French take their sweets and pastries just as seriously as Monet took his paintings. Every four years, France holds a “craftsman competition” called Meilleur Ouvrier de France (“Best Worker in France”). The contest is open to pastry chefs who […]