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John E. Profant Foundation: Fiesta Finale Spotlights the Foundation’s Support for the Arts
By Sigrid Toye   |   August 29, 2023

Brightly-colored ruffles rim the hem of traditional Spanish dress, fluttering fans stir the air, the strum of guitars, clicking castanets, and high-heeled shoes are all reminders that August has been a special time in Santa Barbara with the celebration of Old Spanish Days! Music, dance, and vaquero traditions have had their day with the Fiesta […]

La Merienda
By Lynda Millner   |   August 23, 2022

The Santa Barbara Woman’s Club gave the first La Merienda since the pandemic. Merienda translates to “snack,” but it was much more than a snack. It was a full-on Mexican dinner with tacos, guacamole, chicken, beef, and salad. Event chair Sue Ziliotto told us, “This event has been going on for 92 years.” All the […]

Fiesta Finale
By Lynda Millner   |   August 23, 2022

The John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts welcomed everyone to “Where Fiesta traditions began,” the El Paseo Restaurant for one final night of celebrating. John Profant was born in Santa Barbara on May 23, 1928. His parents, Dr. Henry and Mabel Profant, were very active in the cultural community, helping to found CAMA and […]

Fiesta Finale Fun
By Richard Mineards   |   August 23, 2022

The John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts hosted its 22nd annual Fiesta Finale gala for 144 guests at the historic El Paseo restaurant, raising around $100,000. The fun fête featured myriad entertainers, including the Martinez Brothers, Marco Labastida, Guillermo De Fazio and Giovanna Dan, soprano Camila Lima and pianist Ruy Folguera, and flamenco dancers […]

Fiesta Finale 
By Montecito Journal   |   June 21, 2022

The upcoming Fiesta celebrations will officially come to a close with the lively Fiesta Finale festivities, held at the historic El Paseo Restaurant. The event also acts as a fundraiser for the John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts. Profant himself was an active member in Fiesta celebrations and Santa Barbara’s artistic community as a […]

Sip-Top Condition
By Richard Mineards   |   August 16, 2018

Santa Barbara Polo Club hosted its first Sip and Shop event for 250 guests next to the hallowed Holden Field. With seven vendors and a stall providing Moet & Chandon’s new champagne – with a slightly higher sugar content that can be served over ice – the fun fest was the brainchild of Kathryn Lenihan, […]