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Summer Squash
By Melissa Petitto   |   August 22, 2023

Zucchini, Crookneck, Pattypan, Chayote, Costata Romanesco, melons, and cucumbers… there are so many varietals of the summer squash and when they arrive, they arrive with gusto! I often find I must be so creative to use them all up. The squash family, often mistaken for a vegetable, is classified as a fruit because they have […]

By Melissa Petitto   |   July 18, 2023

The apricot tree in my neighbor’s yard is just busting with these beautiful blushing gems and I could not be more excited! My daughter and I went and harvested a bunch the other day and are so excited to take them back into the kitchen. I love using them in both sweet and savory ways […]

The Cucumber
By Melissa Petitto   |   July 4, 2023

Santa Barbara, it’s sunny and finally summer and all I want are cooling foods. The Farmers Market is bursting with produce, but what jumped out this week is the cucumber. Its many varietals with English, Kirby, and Persian being the ones easiest to find. They each have their specific usage but can easily be substituted […]

By Melissa Petitto   |   June 20, 2023

The Farmers Market colors are saving me during this rainy, overcast, gray June. Walking through and looking at all the bountiful produce, envisioning what I will make once I take them back to my kitchen, is saving me from a major case of June Gloom. This week my daughter and I were drawn to the […]

By Melissa Petitto   |   June 6, 2023

Broccolini – a gorgeous green hybrid blend of traditional Asian vegetable gai lan and broccoli – was created in Japan in 1993. What once was hard to come by is now a staple in the United States, and loved for its tender and sweet flavor. The long succulent stems of broccolini, along with its sweet […]

The Lavender Lady
By Carly Williams   |   February 15, 2022

Within seconds after arriving at the Montecito Farmers’ Market, the delicate, sweet smell of lavender wafts up to the noses of Friday morning patrons. The aroma pervades the market and leads the shopper to the last stand in the far corner: June Bloom Lavender. Melissa Broughton, known as the “Lavender Lady” by locals, stands over […]

Farmers’ Market Finds Make for Spring Salad Perfection
By Claudia Schou   |   May 20, 2021

When it comes to preparing the perfect spring salad, there’s no better place to start than your local farmers’ market. There you’ll find an abundance of lettuces, spring peas, green beans, apricots, artichokes, asparagus, fennel, radishes, cherries, mangoes, rhubarb, strawberries, Swiss chard, and zucchini in season. Popular herbs include basil, chives, cilantro, dill, mint, rosemary, […]

Santa Barbara Pistachio Co. – Leading the Healthy Snack Revolution
By Claudia Schou   |   June 25, 2020

No one understands the new snacking culture more than Santa Barbara Pistachio Co. The organic pistachio grower – founded by the Zannon family in 1991 and situated on a 440-acre ranch in Santa Barbara’s northern Cuyama Valley – lures snack lovers away from mainstream brands with artisan nuts made with natural ingredients. Gail Zannon started […]

Local Lessons About Local Food: A Call to Invest in Local Food Infrastructure
By Sharyn Main   |   June 4, 2020

Food is such a basic human need, but as the COVID-19 pandemic has so sharply illustrated, despite our region’s bounty, our ever more complex food supply chain is not something we can take for granted. In 2016, Santa Barbara County stakeholders (including the CEC) completed a comprehensive, community-driven strategic plan that provided recommendations for how […]

Delivering the Farmers’ Market from the Coronavirus
By Mitchell Kriegman   |   April 2, 2020

When we look out at the Pacific from Butterfly Beach it’s clear. The ocean still works. When we turn to look at the Santa Ynez Mountains it’s easy to see the mountains are just fine. Clouds, too. It also turns out that the valleys and fields and surrounding farms continue to produce food, with even […]