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The Empathy Center
By Ann Brode   |   September 12, 2023

Cultivating a Culture of Empathy: The Visionary Work of Edwin Rutsch Living in these divisive times can undermine our equilibrium and sense of community. We experience the impact whenever a casual conversation veers to issues of the day and the mood sours. In situations where people happen to disagree, it’s even more dramatic as muscles […]

The AHA! Moment: Coping with the Coronavirus’ Psychological Fallout
By Steven Libowitz   |   May 7, 2020

AHA! has long received kudos in town for its success in equipping teenagers, parents, and educators with social and emotional intelligence and strategies to serve as an antidote to everything from apathy to despair. In addition, AHA! has had great success interrupting hate-based behaviors such as bullying. The organization’s programs have become touchpoints for transforming […]

Library Learners: They’re just like us!
By Kim Crail   |   February 13, 2020

The library scene is thriving these days. Here are a few examples of the groups that are breezing through on a daily basis: Babies, toddlers, and school-age kids love the library, from rolling up (literally) in strollers to attending Preschool Storytime with their doting caregivers. The older kids stun us with their independence, hunger for […]