Library Learners: They’re just like us!

By Kim Crail   |   February 13, 2020

The library scene is thriving these days. Here are a few examples of the groups that are breezing through on a daily basis:

Babies, toddlers, and school-age kids love the library, from rolling up (literally) in strollers to attending Preschool Storytime with their doting caregivers. The older kids stun us with their independence, hunger for knowledge and learning. The youngsters in Montecito are impressive for their charm, manners and multiple intelligences. Staff are always excited to see them, research their new interests and help them along their road to reading and civic life.

Technology users in general take full advantage of our open wifi, public computers and loanable internet hotspots. More and more people have their own devices and are looking for places to plug in and take care of business. There is increasing interest in download and streaming options as well and staff provide individual instruction as needed.

Our book and audiobook lovers are our bread and butter. Nonfiction readers attack magazines, books and newspapers (we have the Wall Street Journal again!) with wild abandon, possibly knowing everything. Our fiction readers delight in the pure joy of reading and walking in another’s shoes. They slay their favorite authors’ works, building empathy and social skills. Thrillers, mysteries, romance, science fiction, westerns, dystopian – the sky’s the limit!

Maybe you see yourself in one or more of these categories or break the mold completely.


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