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Diana Raab at Tecolote 
By Jeffrey Stewart   |   January 16, 2024

Celebrated advocate of the profound healing properties of writing, Dr. Diana Raab will be discussing and signing her book Hummingbird: Messages from My Ancestors at Tecolote Bookshop in Montecito’s Upper Village, and at Summerland’s enchanting and indescribable Sacred Space. “Hummingbird coincides with my 70th birthday, a time when many of us intuitively reflect on our […]

Raab Writing Fellows Showcase Returns to Campus
By Stella Haffner and Zach Rosen   |   July 12, 2022

Writing is a process of exploration, discovery, and ultimately, learning. From the research required to study a subject, to the inspiration needed to find the words to describe it, writing is an active experience that guides the author through themselves and the surrounding world. And each year, the Raab Writing Fellows Program guides about 20 […]

Raab Writing Fellows Develop Writing Skills as a Form of Personal Discovery
By Zach Rosen   |   July 22, 2021

Writing is oftentimes a multidisciplinary creative process, combining the mechanics of English with one’s understanding of the subject matter. Since 2017, the Raab Writing Fellows Program at UCSB has been giving students the opportunity to express their range of interests and explore the multidisciplinary skills that writing requires. Supported by author and educator Diana Raab, […]

Raab Writing Fellows Program Inspires Student Voices
By Zach Rosen   |   June 25, 2020

A college education consists of more than just a degree and a major. University time allows a student to discover which issues are meaningful to them and develop the voice that will continue into their career. The Raab Writing Fellows Program within the Writing Program at UC Santa Barbara is helping students find that voice. […]

Radhule & Raab on Writing
By Steven Libowitz   |   February 20, 2020

Radhule Weininger, Ph.D., and Diana Raab, Ph.D., are teaming up once again to offer a three-hour training in Mindfulness Meditation and Journaling this weekend. Raab, a longtime Montecito-based memoirist, poet, essayist, blogger and speaker whose latest book is titled Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life, and Weininger, […]

Write On: Journaling to Heal
By Lynda Millner   |   January 2, 2020

Hospice of Santa Barbara has a monthly event called Learn @ Lunch. This month the topic was Journaling to Heal led by local author Diana Raab, Ph.D. She has been called the “Queen of Journaling” and has authored nine books including Writing for Bliss and Healing with Words. Diana has first-hand experience about healing with […]

The Mental Floss of Mindfulness
By Steven Libowitz   |   December 12, 2019

While decades ago, meditation and mindfulness might have been considered a New Age distraction for woo-woo Californians, the practices have clearly been adopted as mainstream by individuals, businesses, families and other organizations. The medical, emotional, and spiritual benefits are palpable, but perhaps still somewhat difficult to grasp. Integrating those two has been a two-decade-plus passion […]

Back to School
By Steven Libowitz   |   January 10, 2019

SBCC’s Adult Ed, or rather its School of Extended Learning, has morphed back into a full-service educational institution, with a schedule that’s nearly as full as it was back in the heyday in the 1990s. Fee-based classes might outnumber the free ones, but there are plenty in both categories that fall under the wide umbrella […]

Consciousness Network, Reborn
By Steven Libowitz   |   March 22, 2018

It takes nine months for humans to gestate in the womb from conception to birth. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the same period has elapsed since the Santa Barbara Consciousness Network events went on hiatus as founder Forrest Leichtberg began to incubate a new format for the gatherings. Complications with logistics combined with a desire […]

Dive into Silence
By Steven Libowitz   |   February 1, 2018

Sunburst Sanctuary scheduled its popular annual silent meditation retreat long before the flames and flood afflicted Montecito and environs. And while our chatter-filled minds make it seem like staying quiet for a weekend could be cause for anxiety, perhaps quiet contemplation in the community is the perfect elixir for these challenging circumstances. Whatever the impetus, […]

Dance Your Way to Self-love and Presence
By Steven Libowitz   |   December 7, 2017

Russian native Yulia Maluta has been teaching tango and other Latin and ballroom dances since even before she first moved to town 20 years ago, when she partnered with David Alvarez at the Santa Barbara Dance Centre, which kicked her professional and competitive dance career into a higher gear. After retiring from competition, Yulia began […]