Write On: Journaling to Heal

By Lynda Millner   |   January 2, 2020
Speaker Diana Raab, Ph.D. and Jean West, community engagement manager for Hospice

Hospice of Santa Barbara has a monthly event called Learn @ Lunch. This month the topic was Journaling to Heal led by local author Diana Raab, Ph.D. She has been called the “Queen of Journaling” and has authored nine books including Writing for Bliss and Healing with Words.

Diana has first-hand experience about healing with words because her favorite grandmother was involved in the Jewish debacle in World War II and eventually committed suicide.

As she said, “Journaling is a way to communicate with ourselves. It is carthartic, because you let all your feelings out.”

According to Diana every great loss demands that we choose life again. We need to grieve in order to do this. It allows us to heal. There are many things you can write about including a comforting memory of your loved one. Write about what makes your heart sing.

For more information about Hospice of Santa Barbara call 805.563.8820. Their services are free.


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