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A Mission to Easter Feast
By Richard Mineards   |   April 18, 2023

Santa Barbara’s Rescue Mission hosted its annual Easter Feast and for the 16th year, where I offered my volunteer services as more than 300 needy homeless tucked into a chicken, ham, and macaroni and cheese dinner. David Fletcher, head of food service, cooked 160 pounds of ham, 160 pounds of chicken, 100 pounds of potatoes, […]

A Bountiful Feast at the Rescue Mission
By Richard Mineards   |   January 10, 2023

David Fletcher, the head of food service at the Rescue Mission, certainly had his hands full for the Christmas Feast, which attracted 600 guests. More than 52 turkeys, 29 hams, 120 pounds of potatoes, 20 pounds of broccoli, 40 pounds of collard greens, and 70 pounds of green beans went into the bounteous banquet, not […]

A Food-filled Mission
By Richard Mineards   |   December 6, 2022

David Fletcher, head food service specialist at the Rescue Mission, certainly had his hands full on Thanksgiving Day, not only preparing for more than 300 homeless guests, but three other local organizations, adding another 100 recipients. David, who started on the job last year, says it has gotten easier as time goes by, with 25 […]

Inspiration and a Second Chance are on the Menu: Santa Barbara Rescue Mission Launches a Culinary Program
By Claudia Schou   |   April 5, 2022

Rick H. is getting a second chance to make it right. The Santa Barbara Rescue Mission (SBRM) resident, whose full name is being withheld to protect his privacy, stands over a cutting board slicing pan-seared chicken breast. He neatly places slices on a pool of tomato feta sauce before garnishing them with chopped sautéed peppers. […]

Throw Him into the Deep End
By Richard Mineards   |   December 7, 2021

It was quite the nerve-wracking occasion when the 56-year-old Rescue Mission’s new kitchen manager David Fletcher organized his first Thanksgiving Feast for 200 guests. With 50 roasted turkeys, 100 pounds of mashed potatoes, and 75 pounds of vegetables, not to mention huge trays of pumpkin and pecan pie, David, who has only been in the […]