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Why Transparency and Ethics Matter in SB Politics!
By Jeff Giordano   |   June 11, 2024

On June 18, the Supervisors will decide whether our revenue-starved County will approve a ballot referendum that would increase our cannabis tax rates. Frankly, I’m not nearly as concerned about the tax itself, as I am about the fact that Supervisors Steve Lavagnino and Das Willams continue to dominate the cannabis conversation. Allow me to […]

Toasting a Good Cause
By Richard Mineards   |   June 11, 2024

Social gridlock reigned when PATH Santa Barbara, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, hosted its third annual Toast to Home fundraiser at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum with 150 guests raising around $60,000. The ubiquitous Geoff Green – former head of the City College Foundation – hosted the affair, with PATH CEO Jennifer Hark Dietz […]

The Chesley Initiative
By Michael Bowker   |   April 16, 2024

Packed Event Spreads Hope for Long COVID Victims: Will County Take National Role? When it first made its appearance in America’s hospitals late in the year 2020, Long COVID was considered a mysterious and perhaps ‘artificially created’ illness. It had a multitude of names and even more seemingly almost unrelated symptoms. It was often devastating […]

Shock, Awe, and Support
By Montecito Journal   |   April 2, 2024

In these troubling times both domestically and abroad, it’s great to see, in the just-certified election of Carpinteria’s Roy Lee as the new Santa Barbara County 1st District Supervisor, a heartening example that our system of one-person, one-vote does actually on occasion work as it was intended, and to be reminded of the essential role […]

It Starts with the Dishes
By Gwyn Lurie   |   April 2, 2024

Jimmy Stewart played a version of this character in the well-known classic, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The difference is, our newly elected soon to be 1st District County Supervisor is for real. Or is he? Time will certainly tell. But for now, Roy Lee is on his way to the county to do what […]

What Does the Community Deserve?
By Montecito Journal   |   March 5, 2024

In 2019, Das Williams said he wouldn’t accept future contributions from the cannabis industry, but he hasn’t kept this promise. The largest contribution Williams has received from the cannabis industry is from CP1 Supply Systems, located near Carpinteria and described by the Better Business Bureau as a company that deals in “Marijuana Sales and Services.” […]

Election Eve Opinion: Newsmakers’ Editorial HQ Resides in 1st District — Three Reasons Why We’re Voting for Roy Lee
By Jerry Roberts   |   March 4, 2024

Jerry Roberts hosts the weekly Newsmakers with JR show. Newsmakers’ editorial operation is based in Santa Barbara County’s First District, so our interest in the campaign for its seat on the Board of Supervisors’ is both professional and personal. A longtime independent, No Party Preference registered voter, this columnist has reported, written and commented on […]

Make Your Voice Heard on March 5
By Montecito Journal   |   February 27, 2024

Money in politics has been something we have seen for too long, and the results have been devastating. The 1st District Supervisor race pits incumbent Das Williams against challenger Roy Lee. Williams, with substantial campaign funds, has continued to accept financial contributions from the cannabis industry, despite the ethical concerns highlighted by the 2020 Santa […]

Re: Das Williams
By Montecito Journal   |   February 20, 2024

Your recent editorial describing Das Williams as ‘commitment to self rather than to public service’ surprised me. That is a term I have never associated with him. I have personally worked with Das over these last 20 years on issues that touched on his passion for improving our Environment – bike and pedestrian safety improvements, […]

Montecito Association Board Meeting
By Joanne A Calitri   |   February 20, 2024

The Montecito Association (MA) held its monthly Board meeting February 13 in person at the Rosewood Miramar Beach. Executive Director Houghton Hyatt acknowledged the donation of the board room by the hotel to the MA. There was one public comment from a representative of the Neighborhood Group living next to the Rosewood Miramar Beach. His […]

What is to be Gained
By Montecito Journal   |   February 13, 2024

Dear Editor [Gwyn Lurie], You wrote, “And I say, what do we have to lose by giving him [Roy Lee] a chance to prove it? Seems not much.” (Montecito Journal, Feb. 1-8, 2024) It’s not a chance of losing anything. It’s a chance to gain a lot by electing Roy Lee 1st District County Supervisor! […]

Montecito, The Das, and a New Kid in Town
By Gwyn Lurie   |   February 6, 2024

For the first 11 years my family owned our home in Montecito this town was represented on the Board of Supervisors by then Supervisor, now Congressman, Salud Carbajal. Carbajal was and is a politician with the soul of a civil servant who prioritizes constituent services. Which is one of the reasons the MJ supported his […]

SBC Flood Control District has a Plan
By Walter Rubalcava   |   December 26, 2023

Public safety is a top priority of the Santa Barbara County Flood Control District. Since 1955, the District’s work has helped protect life and property through channel maintenance and capital improvements throughout the county, including work in cities. Flood Control builds major infrastructure and conducts maintenance from the Santa Maria River on the county’s northern […]

The Dark Underbelly of County Politics: Nets & the Tale of Two Floods
By Jeff Giordano   |   December 19, 2023

This has been an illuminating few months as it relates to the dark underbelly of County politics and disaster-related funding. Allow me to explain: In November, our six ring nets were ripped from the canyons by the Project for Resilient Communities who privately funded their $6M installation. Now, I don’t pretend to know what behind-the-scenes […]

Dem Women of Santa Barbara County honors Gwyn Lurie
By Jerry Roberts   |   December 19, 2023

The Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County political organization on Sunday presented its Woman of the Year award to Montecito Journal editor Gwyn Lurie, whose acceptance speech included a stinging rebuke of feminist groups for their muted response to the Oct. 7 Hamas strike on Israel. “Dem Women” is the most – perhaps the only […]

Montecito Association Meets
By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   December 19, 2023

At a quiet, in-person Montecito Association Board of Directors meeting earlier this week, the Board heard from community leaders on various happenings in Montecito. Nick Turner with Montecito Water District reported on the ongoing potential of a recycled water project, which recently received $1M in grant funding from the State. The funds will be received […]

Why Montecito’s Nets Got Das’ Boot
By Gwyn Lurie   |   December 12, 2023

Have we no memory? Have we no leadership? Who in our local government is representing the interests of Montecito residents? Are we considered too privileged to merit concern?  When the debris nets on the mountains above Montecito were taken down on November 1, I was beside myself. As photos came in of helicopters lifting the […]

Montecito Association Meets
By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   October 17, 2023

In last week’s edition we briefly reported on the proposed plans by the Rosewood Miramar Resort to expand its offerings. Reps of the property, owned by Rick Caruso, were due to be in front of the Montecito Association Board of Directors earlier this week, but had to cancel due to illness.  A brief conversation was […]

Update on Short-term Rentals
By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   June 13, 2023

At a Montecito Association Land Use & Transportation Committee meeting earlier this week, Executive Director Sharon Byrne and First District Supervisor representative Darcel Elliott gave an update on plans for a Short Term Rental (STR) Ordinance for the Coastal Zone in Montecito. As it stands now, the only ordinance pertaining to STRs in Montecito is […]

Supervisor Capps’ First 120 Days in the Game
By Gwyn Lurie   |   May 2, 2023

In November 2020 2nd District County Supervisor Laura Capps, then School Board Member Capps, took a run for the 1st District County Supervisor seat challenging Supervisor Das Williams. Despite this paper’s strong endorsement of Capps for her refreshing perspective on campaign reform, the need for more transparency in the government (on issues like cannabis and […]