Ukraine War Hits Close to Home

By Scott Craig   |   May 3, 2022

The war in Ukraine is leveling cities and devastating lives, including friends and family of the Westmont community. Igor Rozhko, Westmont’s network manager since 2005, has shared the desperate need from his sister-in-law, Vera, in Kyiv, where she and her husband are missionaries with Ukraine Christian Radio and Video and where they attend the large Kiev Baptist Church. They’ve been besieged since February 23, but with their place of ministry bombed they left the metro bomb shelter in order to care for the more than 150 orphans taking shelter in the church basement. This has become a transition center for evacuees. Women and children continue to come while others are evacuated to the western parts of Ukraine, then on to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania.

The Rozhko family has organized fundraising for urgent needs, including food, medical supplies, and gas. They have raised more than $30,000 to date and have sent the first transfer of funds to purchase these supplies.

If you wish to help, there is a GoFundMe page ( you can use to give and share with others. It details the situation and even the names of some of those helped by your support. Simona Evna, Igor’s daughter, oversees the fundraising from here in the U.S. and will provide ongoing updates to all donors.  


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