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By Nick Masuda   |   September 9, 2021

Just how is it September already?! Who allowed that to happen?

It should be an interesting one locally, as politics will garner headlines for much of the next two months, with a six-person mayor’s race, as well as key showdowns for District 4 and District 6.

But we haven’t lost sight of the day-in and day-out around town, so make sure to check out the feel-good story coming from Sansum Clinic, where Tom Cantella has taken control of his health through a key weight management program offered up by the medical outlet.

Speaking of great medical news, Cottage Health won a massive environmental services award, the “cherry on top” after a tough 18-month stretch due to COVID.

Just down the road, the Santa Barbara Zoo is welcoming more babies — is there something in the water out there?? — and there are six new faces helping lead the charge at TV Santa Barbara.

Up on the Mesa, there’s a new athletic sheriff in town at SBCC as the school continues to deal with turnover, while SOhO is swinging back into action on State Street.

And let me be crystal clear, don’t miss Zach Rosen’s story on Maria Constanza Ferreira, it’s a must-read.

— Nick Masuda


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