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Life Is A Beach
By J'Amy Brown   |   September 5, 2019

Every beach and ocean’s friend, Hillary Hauser, celebrates her big 75th this week. Thanks to this founder of Heal the Ocean, who is also an amazing writer, artist, musician, raconteur and not-to-be-messed-with advocate, our local ocean is clearer and cleaner.  So, what blessings shall we bestow on this hard-working mermaid? She says all she wants […]

Letters to the Editor
By Montecito Journal   |   August 15, 2019

Running for Congress I have been called upon by dozens of leaders throughout the Central Coast who believe we need and deserve better representation in the halls of Congress than currently is the case. Whereas, I have never had any personal political ambitions, I am, nevertheless, going to answer that call. That is because, just […]