Letters to the Editor

By Montecito Journal   |   August 15, 2019

Running for Congress

I have been called upon by dozens of leaders throughout the Central Coast who believe we need and deserve better representation in the halls of Congress than currently is the case.

Whereas, I have never had any personal political ambitions, I am, nevertheless, going to answer that call. That is because, just like you, I am both afraid and deeply concerned at the direction our country is taking, thanks to the socialist takeover of the Democratic Party that I was once a member of.

Over the course of the past two years, on Salud Carbajal’s watch, we have witnessed a remarkably dramatic and rapidly escalating shift away from America-loving to America-shaming. Away from capitalism towards socialism, replete with profligate spending proposals that will bankrupt this country fiscally for sure, yet equally troubling, it will bankrupt our foundations by removing any incentive for independence, replacing it with government dependence. Unfortunately, Salud Carbajal wholeheartedly supports the Democratic Party’s remarkable shift to the extreme left that has completely shocked our great nation. 

Lost in all the partisan bickering and gridlock having to do with the 24/7/365 anti-Trump agenda? A focus on, and attention to, the needs of the Central Coast having to do with such things as the continued threat of wildfires and debris flows, water shortages, traffic gridlock, failing infrastructure, and the like. Moderates, independents and conservatives are thereby interested in setting new priorities for our country and the Central Coast. 

The consensus choice is that we need a strong candidate to achieve this, and somehow, I have been chosen to take on this task. I believe I have no choice but to run. Part of my motivation in life, including as the executive director of COLAB, is to defend the country my father ultimately gave his life for (those details are below).

The many threats to our country this day, from within and without, have motivated me to seek a job transfer, if you will, as a government watchdog and an advocate for our area’s farmers, ranchers, and small businesses, from the Central Coast to Washington, DC, in order to serve the people directly. The time is more than right. I have been convinced I can serve most effectively by making my voice, that is, your voice of reason, resonate in the halls of Congress. 

Accordingly, I am seeking to become your Congressional Representative of District 24, which encompasses Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties, along with a portion of Ventura County. 

Andy Caldwell

(Editor’s note: Good to have you in the race, Mr. Caldwell. We eagerly await what is shaping up to be one heck of an exciting election season. – J.B.)

Complain Here

In J’Amy Brown’s recent article about setback areas in Montecito (“Just Ask J’Amy, MJ # 25/30) the number listed for complaints is not the most direct number. Please call the 805-681-4990 with complaints. This is our Permits Office. We do not want the calls going downtown and possibly getting lost.

Packie Villa
County of Santa Barbara Public Works
Road Encroachment Permit Inspector

Illegal to Park and Idle

In response to “Just Ask J’Amy,” parking on the 101 freeway and off- and on-ramps is illegal. The California Vehicle Code is CVC 21718: “No person shall stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the direction of a peace officer or traffic control device along the edge of any highway… Report violation to CHP, call 805-477-4174.”

The California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resource Board title 13, CCR, Section 2485: “Drivers of diesel-fueled commercial motor vehicles with gross vehicle weight rating greater than 10,000 pounds, including buses, and sleeper berth equipment trucks, are not to idle the vehicle diesel engine longer than five minutes at any location…” Report violation to Air Resource Board. You will need date, time, location, front license plate, and MC or MX on side of cab door.

The Montecito Association Transportation Committee covered the 101-freeway topic on May 23, 2019. Captain Cindy Pontes from the CHP attended and pointed out that CHP is working on enforcement and said Caltrans might need more signage. Captain Pontes requested that all violation calls use 805-477-4174 not 911. 

Please help protect Montecito rural community and air quality.

Kansas Beach

Less is More

Bob Hazard wants more Montecito input into 101 Widening decisions. Why? Hasn’t the principal result of Montecito input to date been delay? And to get the beach traffic re-routed through the lower village? 

Larry Lambert

(Editor’s note: While we agree it would be helpful if Montecito had more input and influence at the county level, you make an excellent point – J.B.)

Styrofoam Solution

Please do not put Styrofoam in your Blue Recycling Collection Bins. Styrofoam recycling occurs at MarBorg drop-off locations only. Heal the Ocean would like to remind the community that Styrofoam cannot go in the blue recycling collection bins at your home or business. To recycle Styrofoam, you must physically drop it off at an approved MarBorg drop-off location (20 David Love Place in Goleta or 132 Nopalitos Way in Downtown Santa Barbara).

Please do not put Styrofoam in your blue recycling collection bin. It will negatively impact all recycling.

We appreciate your help to make this program a community success.

Hillary Hauser

(Editor’s note: And we appreciate your careful watch on all this stuff – J.B.)

Grass is Greenish

I heard recently that Supervisor Das Williams has been under political fire, even from his own base. I was shocked by the amount of political smoke covered in our local media. As one who is interested in local politics, I spent some time to read and then re-read all the published articles in search of the fire that seemed to be cooking Das’s political goose. I was surprised to learn that Supervisor Williams has been accused of breaking bread with parties on both sides of the medical marijuana issue, that Supervisor Williams even went so far as to listen to both homeowners and growers, that Supervisor Williams arranged for countless public meetings to seek out input from local citizens and all interested parties maybe I am missing something.

Just to be clear, I’m the first to admit that I do not see eye to eye with Supervisor Williams on every issue, far from it, but I thought that the role of a true politician was to seek facts on an issue, interview as many concerned citizens, weigh the potential consequences with the greater good that might be derived by the community, and then make an informed decision.

As I find that this process more often than not doesn’t support my positions, regardless, I do take more than a little pride when one of our local politicians makes the effort to do it right. To be actively engaged in positive politicking is frankly a breath of fresh air. I am sick of the perpetual caustic political drivel being fed to us daily by “tweety bird.” I believe whether we agree or disagree with Supervisor Williams, I think we can all appreciate the professional civility that he brings to the Santa Barbara political conversation.

Michael Lopez


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