Life Is A Beach

By J'Amy Brown   |   September 5, 2019
Hillary’s birthday wish is to get rid of all the Styrofoam in the ocean

Every beach and ocean’s friend, Hillary Hauser, celebrates her big 75th this week. Thanks to this founder of Heal the Ocean, who is also an amazing writer, artist, musician, raconteur and not-to-be-messed-with advocate, our local ocean is clearer and cleaner. 

So, what blessings shall we bestow on this hard-working mermaid? She says all she wants for her birthday is to rid the ocean of Styrofoam. To that end, both Heal the Ocean and Brian Marborg of Marborg Recycling have teamed up for a Styrofoam collection project. 

Gift Hillary by dropping off some Styrofoam off at Marborg’s Recycling Center at 20 David Love Place or 132 Nopalitos Way. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – you’re rid of the Styrofoam, the ocean stays blue, and a gift gets given with no gift wrap needed! And most importantly, gifting Hillary is a good thing – because she has been a real gift to Santa Barbara! Happy birthday Hillary – we are glad you were born!


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