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Local People: Cristy Candler
By Rachael Quisel   |   September 20, 2022

“My soul was broken and my back was broken; it was time to go,” said Montecito native Cristy Candler. She recently launched her wellness business OF SOUND BODY, where she helps her clients heal using the same somatic and energetic practices that worked for her. Prior to being an entrepreneur, Candler had a long career […]

Somatically Streaming
By Steven Libowitz   |   March 26, 2020

Speaking of Somatic Sanctuary, the somatic-based healing and movement arts center in Ojai has migrated much of its offerings to live streaming, including several classes per with Meredith Sands Keator and Sultana Parvanta in Somatic Stretch for Self-Healing and Awareness Through Movement sessions with Mary Jo Healy and guest teacher Shivani Jane. A special Monthly […]

Somatics In Cyberspace
By Steven Libowitz   |   March 26, 2020

Dharma Body’s Tuesday and Thursday in-person Somatic Meditations at its yurt temple atop Mission Canyon – which some call the “space ship” – and downtown at Yoga Soup have been put on hold in favor of virtual online meditations beginning this week. Now the space ship will come to you, leaders Timothy Tillman and Laura […]