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The West Dressed Woman
By Lynda Millner   |   November 15, 2018

The Santa Barbara Historical Museum (SBHM) opened up a delightful exhibit of the fashionistas of the Old West and what they wore. There was the gamut from prairie dresses perfect for a crossing to California in a covered wagon to what the senoritas in Santa Barbara wore for a wedding in the days of the […]

La Fiesta Del Museo
By Lynda Millner   |   August 2, 2018

Every year, the Santa Barbara Historical Museum (SBHM) launches the Fiesta season with their party a couple weeks before the official Fiesta. They know how to do it and it just keeps getting better. If our Old Spanish Days roots come from Spain, it’s no wonder.  After living near Sevilla for seven years, I can […]

Missions in Watercolor
By Lynda Millner   |   July 19, 2018

The Santa Barbara Historical Museum  (SBHM) has a special exhibit going on – “Missions in Watercolor” by Edwin Deakin. Art historian Jeremy Tessmer, who is also curator for Sullivan Goss, An American Gallery, was there to give us a lecture about the origins and history of the collection. Edward Deakin (1838-1923) was born in England […]