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No Indoor Voices Returns with All-Female Comedy Show
By Jeff Wing   |   January 24, 2023

“What they want to do with this place is the same vision I have, which is make it a community space!” That’s Kimmie Dee “talking,” which has never been an accurate description of her communication style. Kimmie is Santa Barbara’s longtime standup comedy impresario, a casually foul-mouthed tornado of benevolent energy. Should you suddenly hear […]

Ritch Shydner Show Marks Long-Awaited Return of Standup to Santa Barbara
By Jeff Wing   |   December 7, 2021

Santa Barbara’s Brasil Arts Cafe is not what it appears. Walk through the restaurant proper to the shadowy back of the place. A grinning bruiser parts a speakeasy-like curtain and you enter a hidden grotto the police could raid at any moment. Welcome back! Local standup impresario Kimmie Dee’s aptly named NO INDOOR VOICES (NIV) […]