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Let My People Go! It’s Time to Retire Two-Party Politics
By Rinaldo Brutoco   |   February 25, 2021

The Old Testament Book of Exodus describes how Moses and Aaron went in to see Pharaoh and, speaking on behalf of the Jewish God of Israel, instructed Pharaoh to release the Jewish people from bondage where they lacked the ability to influence their own futures. They were born as slaves, held as slaves, and would […]

Letters to the Editor
By Montecito Journal   |   February 11, 2021

Senior Moments Congratulations on the new column, Senior Portrait. Just read the wonderful article on Peter van Duinwyck, whom I knew years ago from our Montecito Association Board. He certainly made big contributions to the success there and to all his other involvements, then and now. Sure miss our “good old days” and look forward […]

Escape from Minority Rule: Insurrection
By Rinaldo Brutoco   |   January 21, 2021

Senator Mitt Romney succinctly summarized the events of last Wednesday in one sentence: “What happened here today was an insurrection incited by the President of the United States.” Former President George W. Bush also used “insurrection” to describe the attack on the U.S. Capitol, felt by many to be “the center and sacred symbol of […]

Letters to the Editors
By Montecito Journal   |   January 30, 2020

Inaugural Event a Success Congratulations to the Montecito Journal on a very successful and well attended 1st District Supervisor Debate. The evening was informative, professional, well organized, and even had some humor sprinkled in. Although free to those of us in the audience, I’m confident that even with the support from the Montecito Association, the […]

Letters to the Editor
By Montecito Journal   |   December 26, 2019

Our Banana Republic County Last month another article appeared in the WSJ about our Cannabis County. Unfortunately, every national story, and there have been many, is like a drip that slowly corrodes our historic brand. This story contained familiar themes: the odor, values, and the reality that cannabis tax revenues continue to underwhelm. What was […]

Letters to the Editor
By Montecito Journal   |   December 12, 2019

An Incumbent Issue Why have so many of us suddenly and recently received political campaign solicitations from Das Williams? And why are people who didn’t sign up to get official county updates from him now suddenly receiving them? Is he co-mingling his official taxpayer funded work with his campaign? It appears so. When one signs […]

Letters to the Editor
By Montecito Journal   |   May 30, 2019

Let’s Percolate Several questions come into the Montecito Sanitary District (MSD) that need and deserve answers. So, let’s start. Q. My plumber told me that the Sanitary District no longer offers financial aid for private sewer lateral replacement/repair (pipe between house and the main sewer line). Is that true? A. The District does offer a […]