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A Shapeshifting Solstice Performance
By Steven Libowitz   |   June 28, 2022

Shapeshifting, in mythology and folklore, is the ability to physically transform oneself through an inherently superhuman ability, divine intervention, or sorcery, Wikipedia says. Metaphorically, at least, and leaving out the part about demonic manipulation, that pretty much sums up Santa Barbara’s The ShapeShifters, the new supergroup/house band hosts created by Randy Tico.  “It’s about changing […]

Bratton’s Creed
By Steven Libowitz   |   August 29, 2019

It’s taken a while, but audiences have finally stopped coming to Creed Bratton’s concerts expecting to hang out with his self-named character from The Office.  “I’d be talking or singing and they’d shout out my lines from the show,” he explained over the phone from his Los Angeles home recently. “So I’d just stop and […]