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Welles-Wishes at Lotusland
By Richard Mineards   |   December 12, 2023

Staff, trustees, and friends of Lotusland, the 37-acre Montecito botanical paradise, gathered at the University Club to celebrate Corey Welles after a career of 33 years tending to the estate of former Polish opera singer Ganna Walska. Welles, recognized today as a leader in the field of sustainable horticulture, pioneered Lotusland’s sustainability efforts and is […]

Lotusland’s Sustainability Symposium Part 2 Dishes the Dirt
By Jeff Wing   |   September 5, 2023

“I was already way into entomology as a child. I was collecting the most dangerous insects; the giant tarantula – they’re the most painful bite known to man – the black Tarantula Wasp with the orange wings, the most painful sting you can receive. I’d pin out 10 of these giant wasps at age nine, […]

Sustainability Symposium Goes to Ground
By Jeff Wing   |   March 28, 2023

Life-giving energy enters our biosphere as solar light; just incidentally fading our favorite curtains, keeping sunblock magnates in lobster bisque, and fomenting Earth’s diverse panoply of life—from Argoacterium to Tax Attorney. Our warm, wet little planet does its part to receive this bath of solar nourishment, endlessly turning on its axis like a rotisserie chicken. […]