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Building a Healthier Body Image
By Rebecca Capps   |   September 13, 2022

Do you ever look in the mirror and tear yourself apart? Do you believe that you’d finally be happy if you “could just lose those stubborn fifteen pounds”? If so, you are not alone; most Americans, especially women and girls, report dissatisfaction with their bodies. According to the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), by age […]

Honing Healthy Habits: Stories on wellness and nutrition to inspire a summer health check-in
By The Optimist Daily Staff   |   August 24, 2021

Turmeric tends to get all the attention when it comes to anti-inflammatory spices, but don’t overlook these five other spices that functional food expert Kanchan Koya, Ph.D. touts as her favorites for fighting off inflammation. Here are five anti-inflammatory spices that aren’t turmeric: Cayenne: Cayenne is a great choice for spicy food lovers, as it […]