Welcoming President Walker

By Richard Mineards   |   April 23, 2024
Henry Walker new president of Santa Barbara Polo Club (courtesy photo)

Banker Henry Walker is the new president of the Santa Barbara Polo Club.

Henry, who I have known for many years, is the patron of the FMB Too! polo team, a club trustee and member of the USPA since 1981.

He joined the 117-year-old, Long Beach-based Farmers & Merchants Bank as a teller, and now serves as its president.

The bank was founded in in 1907 by Henry’s great-grandfather C.J. – Charles Jabez – Walker.

The Walker family have been playing in our Eden by the Beach since 1950 when Henry’s father, Ken, was invited to the impossibly scenic Carpinteria location.

In the late ‘70s, Henry’s mother Nancy planted a landscape of magnificent redwood and sycamore trees near the club’s tennis courts and swimming pool area.

Henry’s brother, John Walker, built the original tennis clubhouse and eight courts, the pool and jacuzzi.

In 2011 his brother Daniel and wife Linda built a fully functional scoreboard on Field 3, adjacent to the hallowed Holden Field.

The legacy continues…


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