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The 121st Annual SB Audubon Christmas Bird Count
By Joanne Calitri   |   February 11, 2021

All things bright, beautiful, and birds are well noted even during our cold winter lockdown, thanks to the Santa Barbara Audubon Society, who decided to hold its annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) after weighing in on all the variants. The team organized the count with proper precautions and rules in place, including masking, distancing, and […]

The 119th Annual Christmas Bird Count
By Joanne Calitri   |   January 17, 2019

The Christmas Bird Count [CBC] is the longest-running citizen science survey in the world, with origins dating back to December 1900 when ornithologist Frank Chapman asked people to count birds instead of hunting them for sport at Christmas time. This shift began an international bird species count to help birds repopulate that had begun to […]