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The Face of David
By Elizabeth Stewart   |   January 23, 2024

I have clever readers who connect material objects with present day symbolism: FR asks, “What do I really see when I see a mask on a face?” Apropos to our past three years, she was compelled to rethink her huge three-foot Venetian papier-mâché mask of the face of Michelangelo’s David. She mentions seeing her attractively […]

SEE the Sistine
By Richard Mineards   |   June 13, 2023

No need to crane your neck seeing Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Vatican’s iconic Sistine Chapel. The internationally acclaimed exhibition of the glorious artwork has just opened at the Old Mission with the reproduction in a format that allows art lovers to get face-to-face with the legendary masterpiece through 34 artfully displayed reproductions, including world renowned […]

I Madonnari meets Michelangelo at the Mission 
By Steven Libowitz   |   May 30, 2023

The ephemeral meets the everlasting in the world of arts at the Old Mission Santa Barbara this Memorial Day weekend. I Madonnari – the annual chalk drawing that turns the pavement in front of the Santa Barbara Mission into a huge series of asphalt canvases for artists of all ages – celebrates its 37th edition […]

The Sistine Chapel
By Lynda Millner   |   September 5, 2019

Part two of Lynda’s journey to Orange County with MClub.  Right now, there is even more to see at the Christ Cathedral campus –Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel exhibit. This traveling exhibition is on display at the Christ Cathedral Cultural Center. When I was in Rome in the 1960s the ceiling was 47 feet above my head […]