SEE the Sistine

By Richard Mineards   |   June 13, 2023
David Bolton, Peggy Wiley, Fr. Dan, Mayor Randy Rowse, Donna Reeves, and Wilson Quarre (photo by Priscilla)

No need to crane your neck seeing Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Vatican’s iconic Sistine Chapel.

The internationally acclaimed exhibition of the glorious artwork has just opened at the Old Mission with the reproduction in a format that allows art lovers to get face-to-face with the legendary masterpiece through 34 artfully displayed reproductions, including world renowned pieces like The Last Judgment and The Creation of Adam.

“This exhibition is like a sanctuary, you’re transformed into a completely different world,” says Martin Biallas, CEO of Los Angeles-based SEE Global Entertainment, producer of the colorful exhibit.

“When I visited the Sistine Chapel in Rome there were long lines and we were rushed through. This exhibit allows everyone an opportunity to see the amazing art at their pace and up-close, and at an affordable price so they can enjoy an inspiring and unforgettable experience.”

The heavenly show, brought to you by state-of-the-art technology, is on exhibit at the Mission’s Serra Chapel and Friar’s Lounge through September 4.

Compared to the price of a round trip air ticket to the Eternal City and a room at the Hotel Hassler Roma — one of my favorite hostelries overlooking the Spanish Steps, and just a few Gucci-clad footsteps from the Via Condotti — this viewing is an absolute bargain.

Among those at the opening of the bustling Buonarroti bash were Mayor Randy Rowse, Roger and Debby Aceves, Das Williams, David Bolton, Janet Garufis, George and Laurie Leis, Dana Hansen, Christopher Lancashire, Donna Reeves, Adam McKaig, Oscar Gutierrez, Gretchen Lieff, Rick Oshay and Teresa Kuskey Nowak, Maria McCall, Gillian Launie, Maitland Ward, John Palminteri, Luke Swetland, Wilson Quarre and Peggy Wiley, and Mark Whitehurst.


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