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End of An Age
By Jeff Wing   |   March 26, 2024

It’s far-flung 2024 – a sci-fi date Stanley Kubrick couldn’t be bothered to foresee. Paul McCartney, who once upon a time jumped for joy in slow motion alongside his teen bandmates, now dresses in layers and is photographed somberly walking around with a grizzled gray jaw – the proper end of an era whose curtain […]

Buckle Up
By Montecito Journal   |   February 18, 2021

Interesting concept, as per last week’s lead piece of this newspaper. Having a COVID vaccination czar in Santa Barbara. It would be even worth investigating if it weren’t so hypocritical and so self centered for this particular newspaper to bring the subject matter up. Two weeks ago MJ’s investigative reporter Nicholas Schou pointed out, what […]

Questions to Ask Your Insurer
By Montecito Journal   |   May 10, 2018

We received a good question from a leader in our community, John Abraham Powell, founder of the Bucket Brigade. We wanted to share Mr. Powell’s concerns with everyone. He and his crew have been asking people if they need assistance removing debris. To his surprise, many have answered that their insurance adjusters have instructed them […]