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An Apple Computer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
By Ernie Witham   |   July 16, 2020

Per instructions, I moved my face really close to my computer monitor. “Look into my eyes,” the doctor said. Was she going to hypnotize me? Make me cluck like a chicken? “I just want to watch your eye movements to rule out a few things.” “I can roll them around in a circle. Watch.” “Ah, […]

Zip up Your Zoom
By Steven Libowitz   |   May 28, 2020

Fight fatigue and pep up the popular pandemic platform Late in April, The New York Times published an instantly popular essay called “Why Zoom is Terrible.” The piece posed that the problem with the platform is that the way the video images are digitally encoded and decoded, altered and adjusted, patched and synthesized introduces such […]

The Outlook is Grimm
By Richard Mineards   |   May 10, 2018

Montecito computer whiz Henri Grimm may have a most melancholy last name, but the future is decidedly bright. Henri, 23, who was born in London and raised in the postage stamp-sized principality of Monaco, learned his trade at Mac Mechanic, which closed its doors last year. The former Marymount and Bishop Diego High student, whose […]