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27th Annual Rods & Roses Auto Show
By Joanne A Calitri   |   July 16, 2024

The 27th Annual Rods & Roses Auto Show was held on Saturday, July 6, in Carpinteria, on Linden Avenue and its side streets. There were 210 autos – from classics to exotics and somewhat beyond – showing and competing for trophies and awards. Many auto owners had the original car registration, dealer paperwork, car history, […]

The Community Hot Rod Project
By Steven Libowitz   |   February 14, 2023

Kevin Haeberle, the Santa Barbara native who heads a nonprofit called The Community Hot Rod Project and the self-described “gearhead,” wants people to know that the organization isn’t only about hanging out with hot rods.  Sure, Haeberle has an impressive resumé that includes being selected fresh out of high school to be one of eight […]

Drivers and Navigators Rally for a Cause
By Zach Rosen   |   May 10, 2022

“And remember… It’s a Rally – not a Race.” The statement was met with general merriment from the crowd of drivers and navigators meeting in Hope Ranch the night before the Rally 4 Kids was to be held. As the meeting continued, Michael Baker, CEO of the United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara […]

Quite the Collective Fleet
By Lynda Millner   |   November 16, 2021

Instead of polo ponies, the polo fields in Carpinteria were recently covered with classic cars — more than 200 worth in excess of $400 million. Founder Dolores Johnson was expecting 4,000 car lovers to attend the ninth annual Montecito Motor Classic (MMC) and I think they did. It began 10 years ago on Coast Village […]

An Open and Sincere Question to Collectors
By Montecito Journal   |   October 26, 2021

I found myself truly saddened by the article in the Montecito Journal regarding the Montecito Motor Classic — which is an emotional response that I’m sure few, if any, also experienced. And I have a question for the owners of these cars, to which I honestly and sincerely crave an answer. What is the professed […]

Montecito Motor Classic Moves
By James Buckley   |   August 8, 2019

They are still calling it the Montecito Motor Classic, but it won’t be taking place on Coast Village Road. Actually, the popular eight-year-old car show couldn’t have taken place on Coast Village this year because the county is about to begin a three-month resurfacing project on Coast Village Circle, hit hard by last year’s debris […]

On the Road with Arlo
By Hattie Beresford   |   March 14, 2019

The Atchison family came to Santa Barbara from Centralia, Washington, in 1912 seeking health for the father who suffered from chronic stomach problems. Alas, salubrious Santa Barbara was not able to work its magic on Garrett, and he died that July. His wife Sarah had set up housekeeping in a home on Carrillo Street, and […]

Out of the Ashes
By Montecito Journal   |   June 21, 2018

The Montecito Motor Classic is by all accounts a tremendous success. The California Central Coast has long had a love affair with classic cars. The show’s home is on Coast Village Road, drawing fans from up and down the coast to ogle the fabulous array of assiduously maintained classic autos. The Motor Classic also raises […]