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Where Should We Build?
By Sully Israel   |   June 4, 2024

This week, I’d like to show you how using data can help us make smart, informed decisions when it comes to urban planning and the future of our city. Using the new tool close.city, we can visualize where the most walkable and bikeable areas in the city already are. Depending on which layers are selected, […]

The Great Allegheny Passage
By Hattie Beresford   |   November 15, 2022

An impressive fountain sprays high into the sky at the point where the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers converge to form the Ohio River. The waters from the fountain come from yet a third river that runs underground to add its own effluence to la belle rivière. Here, at this historic confluence in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is […]

More Paths Planned for Montecito
By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   October 11, 2022

At this week’s Montecito Association Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting, the Committee heard from Santa Barbara County’s Alternative Transportation Manager Mark Friedlander and Public Works Director Chris Sneddon, who presented plans for two conceptual projects in Montecito as part of the County’s Active Transportation Plan.  The Active Transportation Plan (ATP) is part of the […]

To Whom It May Concern
By Montecito Journal   |   March 25, 2021

I am writing to strongly oppose the appointment of Santa Barbara County Supervisor Das Williams to the Coastal Commission. My personal experience with Supervisor William’s development and oversight of cannabis regulations, in SBC, has demonstrated to me and many others that he has failed to uphold the laws to ‘Protect Public Health, Safety, Welfare and […]