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Third Quarter 2022: Bear Market Rally Fizzles as Interest Rates Rise
By Brian Schaffield   |   October 25, 2022

U.S. stocks ended the quarter off 4.7%, down 24.8% in 2022 and at a two-year low – Bonds also reached new lows, extending historic drawdown, down 15% in 2022 – High inflation (latest CPI from August of 8.3%) driving a more aggressive Fed policy – base rate now seen rising to 4.6% peak in 2023 […]

Second Quarter 2022 Bear Market: Worst First Half for Stocks Since 1970
By Brian Schaffield   |   July 19, 2022

High inflation, risk of recession, war in Europe, a crypto meltdown, and interest rate increases pushed stocks into a bear market (down over 20% from peak) in Q2 2022 – Bond markets continued the worst drawdown on record, hammered by inflation and higher rates – Diversified portfolios slammed by simultaneous declines in asset classes Market […]