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Magic Castle Cabaret
By Lynda Millner   |   September 6, 2018

Something new is happening at the bird refuge. There used to be a restaurant called CafĂ© del Sol. Today it is being transformed into a private-members-only club called the Magic Castle Cabaret and is located at 30 Los Patos Way. The owners are Arlene and Milt Larsen. If that name sounds familiar, associate it with […]

Open Sesame: It’s Magic
By Richard Mineards   |   August 30, 2018

Montecito’s new Magic Castle cabaret, on the site of the former Cafe del Sol, a tiara’s toss from the Andree Clark Bird Refuge, is open for business. The 11,761-sq-ft nitery, founded by Milt and Arlene Larsen, who also own the 55-year-old club of the same name in Hollywood, will initially only be open on Thursdays […]

Crazy Sale
By Lynda Millner   |   March 8, 2018

If any of you have been to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, you probably know its owners are Milt and Arlene Larsen, who live right here in Santa Barbara. There will soon be a Magic Castle Cabaret located at the Bird Refuge. It will be a private club with 200 members and a dress code: […]

It’s Magic
By Richard Mineards   |   November 16, 2017

With Magic Castle maestro Milt Larsen and his costume designer wife, Arlene, about to open their Montecito branch of the iconic Hollywood venue on the site of the former eatery, Cafe del Sol, impressive blue-and-gold invitations for charter memberships have been landing in mailboxes around our rarefied enclave. The Magic Castle Cabaret, as the new […]