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The Quickest Twenty Years in History
By Jeff Harding   |   July 2, 2024

It has been said that there has been more technological innovation and more data produced in the last 20 years than, well, no one actually knows, but it has been an unprecedented period of innovation. There definitely has been more data produced than in the entire history of mankind given the amount of material on […]

Whirlwind Tour
By Richard Mineards   |   May 21, 2024

It was a royal tour in all but name when Prince Harry and his actress wife Meghan Markle touched down in Nigeria for a 72-hour visit. Just hours after arriving in the capital Abuja, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were visiting children of the Wuse Lighting Academy, which is supported by the twosome’s Archewell […]

By Melissa Petitto   |   January 9, 2024

The apple is a food synonymous with health: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” There are so many varietals now that I have truly lost count, but what I do know is that the apple in all its many forms and varieties is delicious. Crisp, tart, sweet, sour, juicy, red, green, yellow, pink, […]

Ownership vs. Evil Subscription?
By Robert Bernstein   |   December 19, 2023

People are surprised that I don’t own any Apple products and don’t plan to. I developed an aversion to Apple as a grad student, designing scientific instruments based on the newly emerging personal computers. Apple kept their hardware “closed” to outside connections. The IBM PC had its own problems, using the horrible Intel processor of […]

Selling Jobs
By Richard Mineards   |   March 29, 2022

The Declaration of Independence was famed for its signatories, but Santa Barbara former tech whiz David Palermo certainly knows how to capitalize on his autographs. David, who was a senior product manager at Apple, had the original cover from the first edition of Macworld from February 1984, signed by both founders, Steve Jobs and Steve […]