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Plane Fun and Fundraising
By Richard Mineards   |   March 12, 2024

Rain certainly didn’t stop play, nor pulling, when the Alpha Resource Center hosted its third annual Plane Pull at Santa Barbara Airport, raising more than $72,000 for the popular 70-year-old nonprofit, which empowers individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Teams of ten in four divisions, including schools and public safety – military, EMTs and firefighters […]

A Noise Nuisance in the Sky
By Montecito Journal   |   February 15, 2022

Combating climate change and the effects of air traffic are dichotomous and irreconcilable. In spite of this threat, private/corporate and commercial jets are increasingly congesting our local skies. To make matters worse, Santa Barbara’s City Council approved the airport expansion that is expected to bring a 50% increase in aircraft traffic in 10 years. While […]

Running Free at Terminal B
By Jeff Wing   |   August 5, 2021

The sparsely populated but energized International Terminal at LAX is an embraceable symbol of the reawakening world. Neither as devoid of life as a Charlton Heston zombie apocalypse, nor as thronged as in pre-COVID days of innocence and joy — when “viral” meant a dog pushing a lawnmower and conspiracy talk leaned to the now-lovable […]

I Believe I Can Fly
By Megan Waldrep   |   June 18, 2020

What Flying During a Pandemic is Like from Santa Barbara Airport As you might expect, I had mixed feelings about flying during a pandemic. Thankfully, the Santa Barbara Airport eased pre-flight nerves before I entered the building. For example, there are separated entries for Alaska and American Airlines on the North end, United and Delta […]