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National Climate Progress Takes Local Climate Action
By Salud Carbajal and Sigrid Wright   |   November 8, 2022

The two of us have joined forces with many others in our community on a clear mission. We are running a race to protect a fundamental aspect of life on Earth: a safe, livable climate.  A year ago, we heard the global community of scientists issue an unequivocal alarm bell by deeming our climate crisis […]

I’ll Do It Tomorrow
By Jude Bijou   |   October 11, 2022

Almost everyone procrastinates. We usually do it to avoid a task that’s unpleasant or daunting. Some things are broad and require lots of time and effort, and may involve changing long-held behaviors or beliefs. Others are very specific one-time jobs. When procrastinating starts to interfere with our quality of life by causing us to feel […]

Why Follow the News?
By Robert Bernstein   |   February 15, 2022

I have friends who proudly say they shut out following the news. They find it depressing. I have another friend who is on top of everything in the news. Why should we follow the news? Democracy requires participation. And participation requires informed understanding. My friend who is on top of the news does not attend […]

Pop Notes and Jazz Jottings
By Steven Libowitz   |   September 27, 2018

The calendar is crammed as the new arts season arrives in earnest, although the biggest place in the land is more of a warm-weather venue. That would be the Santa Barbara Bowl, where it’s actually, unironically, unlikely to rain when Alanis Morissette takes the stage on Friday, September 27, followed two days later by the […]

Mudslides Musings and Survivor’s Guilt – Five Weeks Later
By Diana Raab   |   February 15, 2018

More than four weeks have now passed since the mudslide disaster here in Montecito, but while that might seem like a long time, the healing will take years to come. Whether we’ve lost homes or loved ones or have had to evacuate, everyone in our community has been affected, and everyone is suffering in one […]