The Golden Age of Crosswords
By Guillaume Doane   |   January 24, 2021

At the height of its popularity, the pleasurable pastime reaches a crossroads When Will Shortz took over as its editor in 1993, The New York Times crossword puzzle was widely viewed as moribund (clue: lacking vitality). At the time, the crossword was the stodgy province of literary types where straightforward dictionary definitions passed as clues. […]

The Natural
By Guillaume Doane   |   December 3, 2020

I was once in a race against Chris Tamas. To this day, I doubt that Chris is even aware of this. For him to have known we were in the same race, he would have had to be looking way back to find me, struggling amongst the other laggards who didn’t belong on that track. It […]

Crossing Over
By Guillaume Doane   |   November 5, 2020

If you’ve attended any of the hundreds of concerts performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic in the last 36 years, there’s a strong chance you would have glimpsed the orchestra’s longest standing member. His name is Jack Cousin and he has been a pillar of the orchestra’s nine-strong bass section since 1974, when he joined […]