Insurance Matters: What Are Homeowners to Do?
By Grace Neumann   |   July 9, 2024

Climate change has accelerated the frequency and intensity of natural disasters. Insurers were on the hook for $108 billion in damages from catastrophes in 2023, down from $125 billion in 2022 but above the 10-year average of $89 billion. The long-term trend of increased catastrophes from climate change will show up in rising insurance rates. […]

Insurance Matters: What to Expect in 2023
By Grace Neumann   |   July 18, 2023

The risk management challenges facing affluent families grow steadily more complex each year. Losses from extreme weather events and higher reinsurance costs continue to reduce the availability of coverage in higher-risk areas. Widespread natural catastrophes and economic turmoil will challenge affluent families in 2023. With rates rising in nearly all insurance lines and capacity reserved […]