Supervisor-Elect Tours Westmont

By Scott Craig   |   July 2, 2024
Kim Denu, Wade Cowper, Roy Lee, Doug Jones, Gayle D. Beebe, Reed Sheard, and Irene Neller (photo by Brad Elliott)

Roy Lee, Santa Barbara County 1st District supervisor-elect and Carpinteria councilman, will spend the six months before he’s sworn into office listening to his constituents. He and his chief of staff, Wade Cowper, met for breakfast with Westmont’s executive team, including President Gayle D. Beebe, before touring the 111-acre campus by golf cart on June 12.

“It’s been a great opportunity to reach out to the community and learn everything about the county – Westmont, public safety, fire, law enforcement, Southern California Edison, Cottage Hospital – for the next few months,” Lee said. “People haven’t felt heard. So, I’m reaching out to all the different communities and being present, showing them that I’m here. What can I do for you? What are your priorities and what can I do to solve them?”

As for specifics, Lee says stay tuned. “We’re still drafting our agenda, given that we have so much time. It gives us the opportunity to reprioritize what we want to do. When I take office, I’ll be able to take off running.”

“We’re thankful for Supervisor Lee spending time at Westmont getting to know us,” says Irene Neller, vice president for enrollment, marketing and communication. “We look forward to a strong partnership. His leadership, vision for our county and personal story of valuing education are energizing.”

“Westmont is not just a college but a partner in our community and in the county,” Lee says. “They want to do more, including providing affordable workforce housing for the staff and students. That’s something I strongly believe in, and I want to help streamline that process.

“I’m grateful and excited to be given this opportunity to serve. I look forward to January, and I want to let everybody know that I’m available. Reach out to me anytime if you have any issues, and I will respond.”


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