Annual Firewood Chipping and Vegetation Removal for Montecito, Summerland, and Carpinteria

By Joanne A Calitri   |   May 21, 2024
Chipping pile examples provided by the MFPD

The Montecito Fire Protection District has five final chipping dates now through July:

May 28: Arcady, Knapp, Cowles, Cottage, El Rancho, Sky View, Lanai Rd

June 10: Sierra Vista, Nicholas, Ridge View, Canyon View, Sycamore Vista, Ranchito Vista, Calle Elegante, Calle Hermosa, Crest View

June 24: East Mountain (100-1600 blocks), Irvine, Brooktree, Upper Hot Springs (900 block), Oak Creek Canyon

July 8: West Mountain Drive, Coyote, Banana Road

The MFPD recommends starting now, focusing within 100 feet of structures and roadways, in the area known as your “Defensible Space Zone.” Scrub and tree material should be stacked at the edge of a passable road with the cut ends pointing to the center of the road. Roll off containers arrive the Wednesday prior to the scheduled chipping start date and will remain in place for 10 days. The containers are for both trash and leaves; succulents, agave, pine needles, palm fronds, and other small trimmings not eligible for chipping. Each property owner has the responsibility to properly dispose of these items or they can be placed in the provided MarBorg roll-off containers. See the 411 for the interactive map for the location of the containers. All roadside tree branches extending beyond the minimum clearance requirements set in the Montecito Fire Code will be identified by Fire District personnel, and be removed by a professional tree service during the scheduled neighborhood project. Chipping crews start on Monday of the week your location is scheduled. All materials for chipping need to be in place by 8 am.


The Carp-Summerland Fire Protection District is doing their annual free chipping service for Carpinteria and Summerland area residents, starting May 20 for two weeks. The time to prepare is now. The free chipping service is part of their Wildlife Protection Plan which is focused on enhancing the safety of zones most prone to fire. The service is done to increase defensible space around properties and neighbors. 

Materials eligible for chipping are piles of non-fibrous natural (think brush) material. They ask that residents lay out all materials facing the same direction and towards the street for efficiency. Residents can opt to keep or not keep the chips. Ineligible materials are palm, agave, or similar fibrous natural plants and woods. Instead, place the non-chippable materials in the roll-off dumpsters that will be placed strategically throughout Carpinteria and Summerland. 

The Fire Protection District asks everyone to be patient as they make their way throughout the area. If they missed you, or you missed them, see 411.  

411:All inquiries to CSFD Fire Marshal Michael LoMonaco
Email: or (805) 698-0816


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