Highway 101 Construction Continues

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   October 3, 2023
A stack of 24 safety barriers perched near the San Ysidro Road exit caught the eyes of many drivers over the past week (courtesy photo)

While progress continues on both roundabouts in Montecito, crews are prepping for the start of the highway widening through Montecito, building new safety railings and retaining walls for both sides of the San Ysidro overcrossings, clearing vegetation, setting temporary barriers, and working on temporary electricity connections for the start of freeway improvements. 

Part of that work is bringing in materials and equipment and placing it temporarily in the area. One such load catching the attention of drivers in the area is a stack of 24 sections of k-rail perched near the southbound San Ysidro Road exit, with a second stack sitting nearby. We received a letter about the material, with the author voicing concern over the precarious position of the k-rail, and what would happen if there was a weather anomaly bringing heavy rains to the area. 

Upon investigation, we’re told the k-rail, aka temporary safety barriers, will be placed along the lanes of the southbound freeway, in preparation for the construction which begins in the spring. It’s expected they will be placed by the end of this week; as of press time one section of the barriers had already been moved. We’re told that there will likely be much more material and equipment placed temporarily in the area over the next year, related to the highway widening. “This material and equipment is necessary to bring in, in part because the project is required to keep two lanes open in each direction during the freeway widening,” said a project spokesperson. The safety barriers will allow crews to build the third lane while traffic continues to flow in the neighboring two lanes. 

Heavy work on the widening will begin in the spring, after the expected rainy season. For more information, visit www.sbroads.com


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