In Business: Dorso Inc. 

By Kelly Mahan Herrick   |   August 29, 2023
Local entrepreneurs and chiropractor Hunter Ford D.C. have developed a mount that connects percussive massage devices to massage canes

Local entrepreneur Robb Ferer and Santa Barbara Chiropractor, Hunter Ford D.C., along with mechanical engineer Grant Draper, have invented a new product, called a Dorso Mount, that connects percussive massage devices to massage canes. The device has had positive traction online, selling to patients as well as to sports teams, gyms, and physical therapists across the country. 

It all started during a chiropractic visit when Ferer, a patient of Ford’s, asked how he could use his percussion massage gun on his back at home on his own, and Ford didn’t have a viable answer. They both concluded that many people invest in a massage “gun” but can only use it on the half of their body.Robb, an entrepreneur who has helped co-create several successful companies, put together some initial designs and worked with Ford to come up with a viable and chiropractor-approved solution. Draper was recruited to bring his expertise in engineering and 3D printing; he produced the initial prototypes for the mount and pressure point cane. After almost two years of fine-tuning, the Dorso Mount and Dorso Cane (pressure point cane) were officially launched.

The Dorso Mount connects massage guns (percussion devices used for relaxing tight muscles) to massage canes (acupressure devices used to target hard-to-reach trigger points on the back and other areas of the body), allowing users to reap all the benefits of percussion massage with the added reach of the cane. “No more having to ask a reluctant spouse or friend for help,” Ferer said. 

“We created Dorso so that people could find the relief they need from home without always having to seek professional help. People are happier when they’re in less pain,” Ferer said.  

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