A Pillow Polo Pop Up

By Richard Mineards   |   June 20, 2023
Homer Montecito owner Terry Pillow and Dolores Johnson, founder of the Montecito Motor Classic, at SB Polo Club (photo by Dana Hansen)

Homer Montecito owner Terry Pillow popped up with a one-day store at the Santa Barbara Polo Club using his vintage ‘60s Land Rover as part of the impressive props.

Terry, former head of Tommy Bahama and Ralph Lauren, displayed his English bridle leather wares next to the club’s boutique.

“It couldn’t have been a better day,” says Terry. “We brought our products to the attention of a new demographic, moved quite a lot of product, and also made new friends.”

Such was its success, it is planned to do another pop-up shop later in the season.

Long may he rein…


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