Scholarly Support

By Richard Mineards   |   June 6, 2023
Maddie Benson, Andy Nguyen, and Chloe Stanley (photo by Isaac Hernandez)

The 61-year-old Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara has awarded a total of $148 million in grants to students, with nearly $7.2 million this year to 1,864 recipients, retiring board chairman Matt Rowe told 200 guests at the annual dinner at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum.

The scheme started humbly six decades ago with the awarding of nine $100 book awards and is now the biggest provider of college scholarships in the U.S. with more than 60,000 students receiving awards since 1962.

Interim president and CEO Mary Dwyer welcomed her new board chair Danna McGrew, with three students Maddie Benson, a graduate of UCLA, Andy Nguyen and Chloe Stanley, both attending UCSB, recounting their experiences with the organization.

Among the supporters were Roger and Sarah Chrisman, Nancy Ransohoff, John Glanville, Peter and Kathryn Martin, George and Laurie Leis, Teresa McWilliams, Geoff Green, and Carole Halsted.


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